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                            MINI LONGHAIR  DACHSHUNDS

Doxie puppies you'll fall in love with


                                                                      HOW GOD MADE DACHSHUNDS 

                                                                           God made little Doxies

                                                                           to brighten up our day                                           

                                                                           He took a bit of sunshine,

                                                                            laughter, love. and play

                                                                  and rolled it up in a sausage shape

                                                                               just right for a hug,

                                                                       with bright eyes full of mischief

                                                                                   set in its little mug

                                                                          with little paws a pattering,

                                                                            to take it here and there-

                                                                  and a cold wet nose-but then He thought,

                                                                              "Oh, what about the hair"?

                                                                             shall I make it long and silky,

                                                or wiry, that's so sweet, or make it simple, and have it smooth

                                                                               and satiny and neat?

                                                                              and what about the color,

                                                                              how can I pick just one?

                                                                       shall it be black, or red or brown

                                                                               or dappled just for fun?

                                                                   He pondered while He made the world,

                                                                         and all creatures great and small-

                                                                      And then the answer came to Him-

                                                                         "OF COURSE"! I'll make them ALL!!!

                                                                             So remember that a Dachshund

                                                                 is special, from above, his coat of many colors

                                                                               is a sign of Gods great love.

                                                                                     Author:  Unknown



                                                                           PUPPY  LOVE


                                                            You can't buy loyalty, so they say

                                                            I bought it though, the other day

                                                           You can't buy friendship, tried & true

                                                          Well, just the same, I bought that too.

                                                             I made my bid and on the spot

                                                        Bought love and faith and a whole job lot

                                                                     of happiness, so all in all

                                                               the purchase price was pretty small.


                                                                 I bought a single trusting heart,

                                                                 that gave devotion from the start,

                                                                   If you think these things are:

                                                                              NOT FOR SALE,

                                                        Buy a brown-eyed puppy with a wagging tail.

                                                                            Author: Unknown

                                                                             Live simply

                                                      Love generously

                                                     care deeply

                                                      speak kindly

                                                 Leave the rest to God


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