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History of the Miniature Long Hair Dachshund

 Dachshunds have been in Britain since Queen Victoria's time-----they were among her favourites. Shown

since 1866 the Mini Long haired was not classified separately as a sub variety until 1948. The Germans called

the miniatures "rabbit dogs" and used them for hunting rabbits and going to ground in the burrows. Dachshund

means "badger dog" and they work very like terriers. But "hund" was originally translated as "hound" instead

of dog and the Dachsie was placed in the Hound Group where it has remained ever since. the Mini Long haired

is one of the most popular varieties. They have flat shining coats, any colour being allowed. the variety has its

own standard of points but resembles the Standard Dachshund in all respects except size. Sturdy and impudent,

they are cheerful, active little dogs, their coat is easy to care for and they take up little room in house or

car. Ideal weight 7 to 10lbs. and should not be over 11lbs.

(Grandee Top Dogs Collection )


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