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When a puppy leaves my care it is current on vaccinations and worming. By the time a puppy leaves it will have received at least one course of vanguard, which covers Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus type2 and Parainfluenza. Please understand that once the puppy is in your care it will need to be kept on it's vaccination schedule. It takes a series of vaccinations to build up the puppies immunity. So it is wise to limit your new puppies access to possibly affected areas until he has reached full immunity.

Puppies start out protected by antibodies they receive from mom. When vaccinations start the moms antibodies kick in and fight off the shot. So it takes a series of shots over time to build up antibodies to fight off the diseases we vaccinate against. So when we say a puppy is current on shots that does not mean it is protected from disease. I would strongly recommend limiting puppies access to outside factors until it is a least 12 weeks ( after they have received 3 rounds of vaccinations ) . When you take him/her to the vet use a carrier and do not let other people in the waiting room handle your puppy while you are there. The same goes for pet supply stores. Never let your puppy eat off the ground. Your own shoes can also be a carrier of disease so do consider this when you walk through a dog park and then walk into the house where your new puppy will be playing.

I can honestly say I have never had parvo, distemper or any disease that I vaccinated for effect a puppy/dog in my care. I clean daily and take every precaution to insure that this never happens. 

There is a copy of the puppy lemon law included in with the paperwork that you will receive.   The lemon law does not apply to me. I am a hobbiest, casual in home breeder, not a business.


Buyer must take dog to a licensed vet within 5 days of purchase or guarantee will be void. At which time if the dog is found to have a life threatening genetic defect that will either cause death or severely limit the quality of life, the buyer will have the choice of returning the dog to the breeder along with all paperwork for a replacement puppy of equal value as soon as one is available, within this 5 day period, or keep the dog and be responsible for all vet care for the rest of the dogs life.

I will only agree on a replacement if the following conditions are met. Puppy is returned to me with a signed statement from a licensed Veterinarian stating the health problem along with test results confirming the diagnosis within 5 days of the purchase. This will be checked and verified by my vet before a replacement is agreed to. All  papers must be transferred back to me and the original sales receipt. If these conditions are met I will agree to a replacement as soon as one is available. NO REFUNDS GIVEN.

The buyer understands and agrees that while I do my best to insure my puppies are genetically sound I cannot guarantee the health of any puppy beyond it's condition at the time of sale. The buyer also understands that I cannot guarantee future size or temperament or length of coat of puppy. No other warranties or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied are made under the agreement except as stated herein. By purchasing a puppy from the seller the buyer agrees to all conditions and terms stated herein.

The buyer also understands that I am not a business, a kennel, or a puppy mill. I am a small, casual, in home breeder.

All puppies will have had first shots and worming at time of sale.

Breeder cannot guarantee against viral/bacterial infections, or parasites including but not limited to worms, mites, coccidian, etc. as these are common puppy problems which can be picked up easily even on your way home and are generally easily treated.

Buyer shall assume full responsibility for health, temperament, and appearance of the dog upon purchase.

Buyer has been given a copy of the puppy lemon law.

Buyer further agrees to maintain the dog in good health at all times with recommended immunizations and periodic vet check-ups.

If puppy/dog is being sold as a pet only, they are sold without registration papers.

I/we the breeder and buyer certify that we have read this contract, understand its content, and agree.


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